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A Brand New Year

Pronto 2013 will be over, and we will joyfully embrace a fresh 2014. Are you ready? Will you receive it with enthusiasm and optimism? Will it be better year? Are you anticipating accomplishments and success?

God willing, on January 1st you will wake up to a brand new year and a whole world of possibilities. But only you can convert probabilities into exciting realities. You will need passion, commitment, faith, hard work, and endurance. Therefore, here is something urgent you must complete before December is over.

Moving Forward

Please, make sure that, by December the 31st, you have dumped all your loads from 2013. Unsolved problems, incomplete projects, and undone tasks can absorb all your energy. To begin 2014 with impetus, you must rid yourself of old concerns. Do not come distressed to a new year. To be successful in 2014, you have to be loaded but with energy and vigor. Take out a clean sheet of paper now and make a list of all things you have to close before December is over. Work on each item and complete them all. Here are some suggestions.


  1. Search your soul. Are there any inner conflicts, resentments, anxieties, fears, or doubts? Forgive, pray, and decide to trust God.
  2. Examine your relationships.  Do you have any problems with friends, colleagues, relatives, or fellow Christians in you Church? Any unfulfilled promises? Have you distanced yourself from your helpers? Have you neglected your friends? Have you offended someone? Do you need to be reconciled with someone? Resolve your difficulties now.
  3. Probe your habits and attitudes. What habits were actual barriers to your progress in 2013? What habits did you lack? What attitudes were obstacles in the way? Identify three habits or attitudes you would like to change. Decide to discontinue habits and attitudes which keep you back and to implement whichever help your goals. Plan to execute your decisions starting right on January 1st.
  4. Check you work. Is there anything pending? Any call you have to make? Any letters to write? Any tasks to complete? Finish what you have to finish before the 31st.
  5. Plan and exciting and happy welcome for 2014. Once you have removed all your 2013 burdens, you will be ready to seize the numerous opportunities 2014 will bring!

May God bless you and have a happy New Year!

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